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Bach Centre Approved CoursesThis Level One Online Web Class provides a solid foundation in the flower remedies of Dr. Edward Bach.

The course offers optional interaction in a live online classroom setting combined with self-paced web and home study sections. All of the online course materials are found within this site.

The course is approved as a Level 1 Distance Learning Program by the Bach Centre, UK.

This course is available only to students who have completed a Bach Flower BasicsTM course onsite with a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner/Trainer.

This course augments the material learned in the Bach Basics training to complete the requirements for a Level 1 training approved by the Bach Centre.

Students who successfully complete this course will be issued a Level 1 Certificate, enabling them to enroll in a Level 2 Bach Centre approved course.

This course is available only to former registered practitioners. For information, please email 'info at livingenrichment.com'

This program is ground breaking in terms of how we view our pets. It clarifies many of the misconceptions we hold about working with pets, and establishes clear guidelines for Bach flower work with animals. (This course is not a Level 3 BFRAP training, but a basic Best Practice course.) 

The course greatly expands the information provided in your Level 1-3  BFRP training, and provides a very solid foundation to key principles to employ in working with our pets.

The Bach Flower Education Teacher Training (BFETT) consists of three stages, which include webinars, course activities, practice teaching, observation, review and follow-up to help Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners in North America develop the skills and knowledge needed to teach groups of people about Dr. Bach’s remedies. 

This program is specifically designed to meet the Level 1 teacher requirements of the Bach Centre and the Bach International Education Program (BIEP).

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